Lillybug v2.0.0

What’s new in v2.0.0

General Updates and Changes

  • Added a dashed-line flight path indicator to make it easier to see what the firefly will pass over.
  • French localization. You can switch to French by using the “language” option in the System Menu.
  • Update the transition from launch to title view with a fade animation.
  • Increased the speed of the firefly by 20%
  • Target now moves 20% faster
  • Increased the collision box dimensions of the firefly, termites and infected parts of the tree.
  • Graphical improvements to whirlies and termites to make them easier to see.
  • Termites no longer spawn at the top of the tree to prevent them from grabbing whirlies as soon as they appear. They will now spawn from the bottom instead, in addition to the sides as before.
  • When collecting a whirly, there is now a small chance for a star to appear.
    • Collecting a star will kill all termites currently on the tree, causing the tree to drop additional whirlies.
  • Whirlies now fall twice as fast as they did before, reducing the likelihood that they’ll be snatched by a termite
  • The spider is now a bit less dangerous.
    • It will no longer snatch whirlies
    • If it has caught a termite, it can no longer catch the firefly.
    • It hangs out at the bottom of the screen for less time.
    • It can no longer catch the firefly when it’s ascending
  • Improved crank controls.
  • Added a more detailed “How to Play” view.
  • Removed left/right buttons for credits and how-to-play in favor of a single multi-option button on the main menu
  • The right or left buttons on the d-pad will now launch the firefly, which makes using the crank nicer.
  • Adds d-pad clicks and A/B button sounds on menu view.
  • Re-encoded audio assets and reduced the size of the game by a little over 1 MB.
  • Added a border around the logo to make it read easier over the tree, filled in the “b” in “bug”

Game Modes

  • Adds “Survival Mode” and updates “Classic Mode”
  • Global leader boards for survival mode in the Catalog version.
  • Classic mode updates:
    • Removed the health meter in this mode. Being caught by the spider will now only delay you. You either save the tree, or don’t - no more game over for being caught by the spider too many times.

New Survival Mode

  • The tree never regains its resilience to the termites - you only need to last as long as possible.
  • Termites spawn at an increasingly higher rate and move increasingly faster as the game progresses.
  • You’ll get a brief reprieve from termites spawning after collecting a star in Survival Mode.
  • If you lose all three lives, or the tree dies, the game ends.
  • Hearts will occasionally appear if you are at less than full health to restore a life if you can snag them.
  • Your score is how long you survive.

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