Greed for Playdate v1.4.0


"Verbose" has been replaced in the system menu with "Speed". When set to "slow", it works the same way "Verbose" did when enabled. When set to "normal", it will behave the way "Verbose" did when it was disabled. When set to "fast", the Playdate will speed through its turns when you're playing against it.

When set to fast:

  • The playdate takes 75% less time on its turn phases.
  • The stagger when it pulls dice is disabled to move that along quicker.
  • The animation duration of its dice rolls take 40% less time.

Thanks to Fabian Fischer for the suggestion!

Performance Enhancements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in v1.3.0 where a game would resume in an unplayable state if you had exited during the piggyback decision phase of your turn.
  • Optimizations to the rendering of dialogs to avoid a frame rate drop when they are animating.

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