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Greed for Playdate

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Greed is a dice game for one to four players. The goal of the game is to reach 10,000 Points before anyone else, and maintain that lead during the Final Round to achieve Victory.

Strategy, fate, luck, and a willingness to take risks are all at play. The Greedier you are, the better you may do. Or it could all come crashing down.

"One of the best sideloads for the Playdate. Polished and very addictive game."


"Classic dice "push your luck" gaming in a well-polished package! :)"

Fabian Fischer

"So far this is the game I come back to the most on my Playdate. It's fun, works well and I can get quick sessions in here and there during the day."



  • Pass and Play Local multiplayer for two to four players.
  • Versus Playdate You against an overly confident AI.
  • Piggyback Rule New in v1.3.0! This game rule option allows you to "piggyback" on the previous opponents roll. For example, if they roll 1,000 and stay - you can roll their remaining dice and if you manage a playable hand, you keep their running score.
  • Stats Your glorious win percentages in Versus Playdate mode, preserved for posterity.
  • Cruel Mode Adds an extra element of risk to the game. Bust and you'll lose your running score from your total score.
  • Custom Names Don't want to be called Player One? Enter your own names for players.
  • 5K Games Play to 5,000 Points for a quicker game.
  • In-game Tutorial Learn to play the game without reading this entire page!
  • Hints No time for tutorials? That's okay, the game can tell you what dice in a roll are playable.
  • An Implied Hardcore Mode For those seeking a greater challenge and a deeper strategy, you can turn on both Cruel mode and Piggyback mode at the same time. Test the limits of your Greed!

How to Play

Each turn in Greed is divided into phases.

  • Rolling Roll the dice with the Crank
  • Selection Select the dice you want to include in your hand with the D-Pad
  • Decision Time Will you be conservative and Stay, or will you be Greedy and roll again?

Once you've rolled and selected your dice, you have the option to Stay and add your Running Points to your Total Score, or you can be Greedy and roll the remaining dice again with the hope to score even more points. You can roll as many times as you like.

Pulled dice are taken out of play and marked with an "x".

If you're able to Pull all six dice, you can roll all of them again to score even more points!

Two 1s are rolled after pulling a triple plus.
A second roll lands two 1s, allowing us to roll again.

If the Piggyback option is turned on, you will also have another decision to make when your opponent stays. Roll your opponents remaining dice and attempt to "piggyback" on their running score, or roll all six dice fresh and start from zero.

Play continues until one player meets or exceeds 10,000 points. This triggers the Final Round with each player having one more turn to try and pass the leader. Whoever has the most points at the end of the Final Round is the Winner.

The game over view.
Well Played!

Valid Pulls

A Pull is any die you have selected from what you've rolled. There are only certain combinations of Pulls that are valid. You must Pull at least one die per roll. If there is nothing to Pull, you will Bust, lose your Running Points and your turn will end. The order of the roll doesn't matter.

Ones and Fives

Ones and Fives are always pullable, regardless of how many dice are in play, and can be combined with any other valid Pull. Each One is worth 100 points, and each Five is worth 50 points.

A pull of a single 1 and 5.
A one and a five, worth 150 points.


Three Dice with the same face value. These Pulls are worth their face value x100, with the exception of Triple Ones, which are worth 1,000 points.

A triple with three 1s.
A Triple of 1s worth 1,000 points.

Triple Plus

Any Triple with the addition of Ones and Fives.

A triple plus with three 2s and a 1.
A Triple Plus of three 2s and a 1.

Double Triple

A Pair of Triples are worth 2,000 points.

A double triple.
A Double Triple with 2s and 3s. Worth 2,000 points.

Triple Doubles

Three Pairs of Doubles are worth 3,000 points.

A triple double.
A Triple Double with 3s, 4s and 6s. Worth 3,000 points.


One of each face value. Worth 2,000 points.

A straight of each possible face value.
A Straight is every face value. Worth 2,000 points.

Six of a Kind

The rarest roll of all, with all six dice having the same face value, will net you 4,000 points.

A six-of-a-kind with 4s.
A Six-of-a-Kind with 4s. Worth 4,000 points.


If you roll and do not have a valid Pull, you will Bust and your turn ends. Your Running Points are set back to zero, and if Cruel Mode is enabled, you will also lose those points from your Total Score.

A bust.
Rolling a bust and losing your Running Points.

Invalid Pulls

If you attempt a Pull that is not a valid combination, the game will chide you for your brazen attempt at cheating. You can use the Up Button on the D-Pad to push the offending dice back into the roll.

An invalid pull.
An invalid pull.


Unsure of what can be pulled? If you wait five second after rolling the dice without moving the die selector, the game will show you the playable dice. Hints can be disabled from the system menu.

The game showing what can be played.
A helpful hint.


The D-PadThe D-Pad lets you navigate menu items, and select, pull and push dice when in the game.

The A ButtonThe A Button is used to confirm options, to finish deciding your Pulls and to Roll Again.

The B ButtonThe B Button is used for canceling out of menu options, and to Stay and end your turn.

The crankThe Crank is used to roll the dice. New in v1.2.0 If you leave the crank docked, the game will roll the dice for you in auto-roll mode.

The Main Menu

The main menu of the game.
The main menu.
  • Pass and Play Play with friends and family! Supports two to four players. If you have a game already in-progress, you can continue from here.
  • Versus Playdate Play a two-player game against your Playdate. If you have a game already in-progress, you can continue from here.
  • Game Options Set the winning score, the game mode and enable or disable sounds here.

    Game options.
    Game Options.

  • Stats See how you've fared across your Versus games with total games played, win percentages and more.
  • Tutorial An exciting in-game tutorial to teach you the ropes.
  • Scoring Combos A handy reference for Valid Pulls. This info is also available from the Pause Menu.

    Scoring combos
    Scoring combinations.

  • Custom Names Enter a custom name for each human player, allowing up to 10 characters. These names will be used on the Game Over screen and in dialogs. The first letter of the name will be used in-game next to that player's score.
  • About Just your typical credits screen.

System Menu

There are three items in the System Menu.

The system menu.
The system menu.

  • Main Menu Return to the main menu from any point in the game. If you are in the middle of a game, it will be auto-saved so you'll have the option of continuing later.
  • Hints The game will show you what dice in a roll are playable. Just wait five seconds after rolling without moving the die selector.
  • Speed Governs the cadence of turns. By default, the game will prompt you with what to do next and inform you of what your Pulls are worth. Once you have the hang of the game, you can set Speed to "normal" to moves things along a bit quicker, and set it to "fast" during Versus games to have the Playdate speed through its turns.

How to Install the Game

Not sure how to sideload games onto your Playdate? Panic has you covered with easy to follow instructions. Or check out this great how-to video that @Ledbetter created.

Questions? Comments?

Leave a comment here, or contact us at scenicroutegames@gmail.com

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorScenic Route Software
TagsDice, pass-and-play, Playdate
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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Hi there, I bought Greed from the Playdate Catalog and it's awesome! My family played a variation on it growing up, so it brings back a lot of memories with my grandfather.

I think I found a bug! I've noticed that if you roll a bust, player input is still enabled for a very short time (before the BUST! graphic appears). This means that if you're quick, you have time to select a die before the turn gets passed to the next player. (All other dice that were previously selected will be returned to the selectable state, but not the one that you've selected). All dice are then rolled, including the selected die. If the next player is a CPU, they won't know how to un-select that die- meaning that if the selected die doesn't contribute to a score, their hand cannot be validated, and the game locks up!

Your game isn't stuck forever. If you just return to the main menu and start a new game (abandoning the one in progress!) then you'll be ok. You will lose the game in progress, though. Interestingly, if you try to resume it, it still stays in that broken state- so I guess you're saving the selected dice as part of that!

It's a pretty funny bug when it happens, as long as you're not in the lead. I think this would be pretty easy to fix by preventing player input until the roll is determined not to be a bust.

Hopefully that's enough info to be able to find it! Thank you for making art! I really love it!

Hey! Thanks for letting me know - I'll get it fixed and report back here when the update is available on Catalog! I'm glad you're having fun with it!

The update is now available on Catalog. Thanks again for reporting the issue!


Man, I love this game but the cpu feels a bit owerpowered. I might not be the best player but the cpu manages to get six of a kind or triple doubles way more often than me. XD

I'm glad you're having fun with it! I promise that the Playdate uses the exact same roll routines as the player - it has no advantages whatsoever other than the fact that it will not make a mistake and, like I often do, make a low scoring pull and then realize I missed a better one.  

But, that's also part of the game, I suppose. I remember playing with friends with real dice and being secretly delighted when they pulled a single one because they didn't realize they had a straight. 

I'd love it if you could rate the game when you have a chance!

Very cool, super fun and polished! :)

My biggest QoL wish would be an animation speed setting. When playing vs. the AI most of the time I only really care about their turn result (or end state when piggybacking is on). So while most turns go quick, there can sometimes be quite a bit of waiting while they get there.


Is verbose mode turned on? If you turn that off from the system menu, it won't show the dialogs and turns will move along much quicker. If its still not quick enough for you, I will certainly add an option to speed things up against the Playdate.

I'm really glad you like it! I'd love it if you could give it a rating when you have a moment!

Yup, verbose is off. If it's not too much of a hassle to implement, a speed-up  certainly would be awesome!

Rating is out! :)


It shouldn't be tricky to do -  I can send you a preview build when I have it in there if you like - just email me at scenicroutegames@gmail.com and I'll pass it along so you can see what you think.

Thanks so much for the rating! I really appreciate it.

(1 edit)

I love this game! I’m so glad y’all made it for Playdate. I have a feature request if you’re taking those.

We have a family rule where if you choose to stay the next player has the choice of picking up where you left off or starting with their own set of six. For example say my running score is 1200 and I have two dice left to roll but I decide to stay. The next person can choose  to roll those two dice. If they get something valid (say a 1) their running score would be 1300 and they could choose to stay or roll.

Any chance you could add this rule in as an optional rule ?

That's very interesting! I like that - I'll look into adding it. Do you have a name for this rule?

Awesome that you're having fun with it. If you have a sec, I'd really appreciate a rating!

I just found this on the wikipedia page for Farkle, as play variation:

In a variant described as "piggybacking" or "high-stakes", each player after the first can choose to begin their turn either with a fresh set of six dice, or by throwing the dice remaining after the previous player has completed their turn. For example, if a player banks three 1's for a score of 1000, the next player may choose to roll the remaining three dice. If they score at least one die, they score 1000 plus whatever additional score they accumulate. Players may thus assume the greater risk of farkling for the chance of scoring the points already accumulated by the player before them. If a player ends their turn on a "hot dice", the next player may "piggyback" using all six dice.

So maybe piggyback or high-stakes would be a good name for the rule?

Nice - I'm leaning towards High Stakes but Piggybacking is fun too. Awesome! 

I have this working - its really fun. Paired with "Cruel" mode where you lose your running score from you total score if you bust its pretty much hardcore mode. Thank you for suggesting this - its really good.

Keep an eye out for an update towards the end of the week, but I'll happily send you a pre-release build if you email me at scenicroutegames@gmail.com.

Just want to say so far this is one of my favorite games on the Playdate. I've played it quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like the computer player is luckier then it should be. Also feel like 4/5 of a kind should be a thing. 

(1 edit)

I'm glad you're having fun with it!

I promise there are no advantages granted to the Playdate - it's using the same code when it rolls the dice as the player. I think the difference is that its programmed to spot everything. There have been times where I'll hit B to roll again and notice I missed a better pull, but then that's part of the experience of the game.  I remember playing this with actual dice with friends and being relieved one of them didn't notice they'd rolled a straight and only pulled the one and the five.  I'm not saying you're making mistakes, just that the "AI" will not.

I considered having it make mistakes like humans would, but was worried this could confuse players if it didn't take full advantage of a roll that the player spotted and it didn't. That's why it will always pull all ones and fives, even if it would be more advantageous to take a single one just to have a better shot on the next roll.

The rules for the game are based on how I was taught to play it many years ago. I may do an update that modifies those rules to allow additional pulls. 

Again, really happy you're enjoying it. If you have a spare moment, I'd appreciate it if you could rate the game!

Oh, I've definitely made mistakes, no doubt. Usually it involves me accidentally pushing B and wishing I could back up. The computer usually makes the same choices I would with regards to when to gamble and roll or not. Definitely will rate. I actually have never played this game before so I didn't even know it was a pre-existing game. I just got your other game to try as well. 

I'll give some thought on how to handle the player staying when they may have missed a better pull.  Maybe if hints are enabled and you stay it will show what you might have missed and give you an opportunity to improve your pull.

Thanks for much for rating it! I'd love to have your feedback on Shift as well - thanks for picking it up!

Definitely took advantage of the hints when I started and still didn't quite understand the rules completely. Was thinking too much in a Yahtzee mindset at the beginning. Understand the rules now but still get ahead of myself sometimes. 😁