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Post Hero is a classic style adventure game where you play as a mail carrier on his first day on the job. What should be a walk in the park turns out to be anything but! Who knew you'd need to outsmart a vampire, help someone change a flat tire, foil a porch pirate, save a relationship and learn magic just to drop off some packages? All of this and more awaits you in Post Hero!

"Charming and funny throughout. Need more of this on Playdate."


"I'm spending a lot of time living in the Post Hero world and I'm enjoying every minute of it."


"This is a really good game. Writing, the artwork - all fantastic stuff."


"... a riot from start to finish"


"The postmen's code said nothing about vampires!"

Destination Playdate

The beginning of a new game.
The beginning of a new game.


  • Explore the town where the Generations house is located.
  • Meet loads of interesting characters.
  • Silly humor and cameos from the Playdate Cinematic Universe.
  • A mostly helpful Mail Gnome who'll give you hints via cryptic riddles.
  • 146 total points to be had - can you find them all?
  • Three save slots so almost everyone in the family can play!
  • The game auto-saves as you play. No "save early, save often" to worry about!
  • Dying doesn't matter and is part of the fun. Some deaths are even worth points!

Hero Edition

If you opt for the Hero Edition of the game, you'll also get:

  • A gorgeous and extremely printable10,000 x 7,500 Ultra High Resolution Map of the game.
  • A lovely 40+ Page Game Guide in PDF format, chock full of fun facts and trivia, in-jokes, hints, in progress art work from the game, rejected ideas, a visitor's guide to town, a points table and a full walkthrough.

Did you buy the base version of the game and now wish you'd picked up the Hero Edition? Good news! You can purchase the map and guide separately over here!

The main menu.
The main menu.

How to Play

Post Hero is a game about exploration and helping people. Every location in the game with a street address is a place where mail needs to be delivered. This will also be indicated by an envelope next to the address in the info bar. Once you've delivered the mail to that location, a checkmark will replace the envelope. You can check your progress in the Pause Menu which will show you how many homes out of the total you've delivered to.

Some deliveries are as simple as interacting with the front door. Others require you to use an item from your inventory. All of them have an amusing obstacle that prevents your first day on the job from being as easy and care free as it should be!


Press the A Button to "look". As you explore the town, you'll see an exclamation mark appear over the hero's head whenever there is something interesting to have a closer look at. Long Press the A Button to open the inventory.
The inventory.
The inventory.

While the inventory is open, use the D-Pad to navigate through the items. Pressing the A Button will use the item if you are in an interaction point. If not, a description of the item will be presented that could include hints!

The B Button will perform an action on something. Actions include picking an item up, looking at something in closer detail, talking to another character, knocking on a door, entering a building and more.

When a dialog box is presented, pressing the B Button will dismiss it.

When on the Main Menu, press the B Button to delete a saved game. A dialog will appear asking for confirmation.

You can also hold the B Button while exploring the town to move a bit faster.

The D-Pad controls the hero's movement and navigates items in your inventory.
Interacting with things in the scene.
Interacting with items in the scene.
The game's interface.
The game's interface.

The Pause Menu

While in game, there is one option in the Pause Menu:

  • Main Menu will return you to the main menu of the game so you can hand the game off to your roommate/kid/wife/husband/etc so they can play their save slot.
The pause menu.
The pause menu.

Additional Screenshots

There are thirty-seven total scenes in the game - here's a few more!

The Pixel Palace
All the latest computer screen games!
666 Green Street
Barely haunted!
The Community Garden
Fresh vegetables!
The Crow's Nest
Fine dining!


A huge thanks to Ledbetter Games, Fatnose Games, PizzaFuel and Pixel Ghost for all of their help play testing Post Hero!

How to Install the Game

Not sure how to sideload games onto your Playdate? Panic has you covered with easy to follow instructions. Or check out this great how-to video that @Ledbetter created.

Questions? Comments?

Leave a comment here, or contact us at scenicroutegames@gmail.com

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AuthorScenic Route Software
Average sessionA few hours


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Hero Edition Map & Game Guide (40+ pages of fun!) 4 MB
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Deleted 46 days ago
(1 edit)

Hey! I'm going to delete your comment because that's a great big spoiler, but to answer your question - nothing changes if you don't happen to have it. 

I'm glad you had a good time with it!

Loved it! The page here is thoughtfully complete and the additional guide with all the facts and trivia is totally worth the extra $2! Thank you so much! 

I'm happy you had a good time with it! Thanks for playing!

Great game - I didn't feel it was too easy - in fact I became stuck a few times - wait, think, come back, solve, move on, get stuck, rinse, repeat - which is a pro in my book.  Recommended!

Happy you had fun! Thanks for playing it - drop a rating on it if you have some time!

(1 edit)

After eyeing this for a while, the current discount made me finally take the plunge. As someone who grew up with games like King's Quest, Space Quest, and Black Cauldron, this game was a pure shot of nostalgia and warmth for me. Thank you for creating it! I hope you make more with this engine, it's very slick.

I loved all of those games too - thanks for picking it up, I'm  happy you're enjoying it!

(1 edit)

One of the best games available for the playdate

Wow, thanks! Happy you've enjoyed it! Please consider rating it when you have the time!

Hello, I

I am playing the game and loving it. However, Where is Vinny, I have not yet ran into him? And the guide says he is in Circle J, but he is not. How do I trigger his appearance?

Glad you're having fun with it! Email me at scenicroutegames@gmail.com and I'll let you know what to do - don't want to post any spoilers here!

I'm experiencing a bug that is making it impossible to finish the game! 

Spoiler alert below!

I am unable to use the duck feather in the comic book shop. There is no exclamation mark prompt like there normally is when you walk up to the comic book store owner, and trying to use the duck feather when near him just shows "it's just a duck feather."

Anyone else having this problem and is there a fix?


The comic shop owner has already taught you the magic spell, and you don't need to use the duck feather there,  you need to use the duck feather somewhere else where levitation could be useful.

(I should probably improve the dialog there to make it more clear.)

Thank you!

Please make more games like this one! Definitely my favorite till now!! Can’t wait for another adventure game from you <3 Big love! 

Hey! Thanks so much, and yes - I have plans for at least two more! If you wouldn't mind giving the game a rating when you have a chance it would help me out a ton!


of course I will. I just haven’t seen were to rate it but I will search now and do it with pleasure :)

Here's a link! https://scenicroutesoftware.itch.io/post-hero/rate

Amazing game ! Detailed graphics, beautiful scenery, funny dialogues, nice little intrigues. This is one of the most polished game in playdate and in my top 3 :)

I'm so glad you've had fun with it - and thank you so much for the rating!

Are you bringing your games to Catalog?


I am very much hoping to. I've submitted Post Hero, Shift, Generations and Greed for consideration.  Just waiting to hear back from Panic!


I've just received word from Panic that all four of the games I've submitted were approved for Catalog!


Well deserved!  I'll have to double dip then. Any chances you offer some kind of discount to your itch.io buyers?  ;)


Sorry for the late response! I'm pretty sure Catalog supports vouchers, so if there's something you want of mine that you've already paid for here just let me know and I'll send you a code for it.

The only games that will have features that aren't supported outside of Catalog are Generations and Shift, which are going to use Panic's leaderboard API like some of the season games. This API is not usable for non-Catalog distributions (which is really sad), but everything else will be the same.

I recommend paying extra for the map and guide.

Not doing that is my only regret. This game is fun, and I love the writing too.


Any possibility I can throw in a few more dollars to get the map and guide? Didn’t notice that option until after purchasing base game. :)

Emailed you!

Love this game so far, and generations! Just wanted to report a bug where if I interact with any object on the cow poop, it crashes my playdate!

I guess that’ll teach you to not to poke cow poop with whatever you happen to have on you.

Thanks for letting me know! Glad you’re having fun with it (and Generations!). I’ll have a patch for that and some other issues soon. 


Hi! How long is this game?

Love the art, by the way.

(1 edit)


From what I’ve heard it’s taking folks around 2.5 to 3 hours to get to the ending. The shorter end of that is without getting all 146 points. 

I can get through the whole thing in about 45 minutes, so it’s at the very least that long if you wrote it and and know what to do!


Very well-polished game!

However, as a postal employee who has real world in the field mail delivering experience*, i can't help but notice a few points.

On the first day, you wouldn't have a uniform -- you get a uniform allotment after 90 days of work or 120 calendar days.

You WOULD have the satchel, however. But in training they tell you not to wear it cross-body in case of dog attacks.

A lack of dog spray and dog horns.

Also I got a bug where if you spam A at the garden gnome attacking you, the text box doesn't go away.

Follow me for pro mail delivering tips.

*i got fired last week**

**this is not a joke


I'm sorry you were fired, but I have no regrets regarding the lack of accuracy - on the bright side, 1.0.2 fixes the stuck dialog boxes!