Post Hero v1.1.0

This update addresses some minor issues players have reported.


  • Fixes an issue where you could still enter Carl's Powder Room when it was no longer present in the scene (Thanks, Mike!)
  • Fixes a premature presentation of dialog at 16 Green Street when the package is placed but has not yet been taken. (Thanks, Ryan!)
  • Fixes a minor issue where taking an item from the garage at 70 Sunset was dependent on delivering the mail there when it should have been dependent on helping the teenage girl.


  • Several typos fixed and dialog that should have been wrapped in quotes now is.
  • The "B" button now dismisses cut scene dialog to be in line with normal dialog.
  • Larry's dialog has been updated after you help him with what he wants to make it more clear what you'll need to do next. (Thanks, Mike!)

If you've enjoyed the game, I'd love it if you could give it a rating. And let me know what I can do to make it better if you've run into any problems.

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