Post Hero v1.2.0


  • The save slots on the main menu will now display your current score for that slot when they have focus.
  • Additional interactions at the Post Office will only be available once you've run the flag up to avoid distracting new players during the intro.


  • Fixes an issue where you could get stuck inside Alien Assault (Thanks Mac!)
  • Fixes an issue where Lucas Grimey's second interaction was available too soon. (Thanks Nnnn!)
  • Fixes an issue introduced in 1.1.2 where QR codes dismissed themselves as soon as you stopped pressing the B Button.
  • Fixes a clipping issue at 70 Sunset that would allow you to climb the side of the house. (Thanks Ollie!)
  • Fixes some typos.

Thanks for playing! If you've enjoyed your time with Post Hero, please consider giving it a rating!, and PLEASE let me know if you encounter any issues!

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