YGMTB v1.1.0

Updates and Additions

  • The game now has French localization! There’s a new “Language” option in the system menu that will allow you to choose “fr” as the game’s language. Thanks Adrien!


  • Addresses an issue where you could get the bus to appear over the main menu view by returning to the main menu as soon as a game ended from the System Menu. That option is no longer available if the game has ended. Thanks to Rae for reporting this one.
  • Fixes an issue with double jumps that could invert the Big Bang and compress the universe to its original state at the Plank Epoch . Thanks to Rae for reporting this one.
  • Fixes an issue where restarting a game right after falling would reset the first obstacle. Thanks to aperson for reporting this one.

Thanks for playing the game! If you've have fun with it, please consider giving it a rating! If you haven't, please let me know what I can do to make the game better.


YGMTB v1.1.0 2 MB
Oct 31, 2023

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