Updated Features

  • Using the Crank to shift colors should now be less fidgety, and less prone to accidental cranks. It now requires a slightly longer rotation, and on the first bit of cranking the background grid will hint at the direction the colors will move. If it's not what you intended, stop cranking and the grid will snap back to where it belongs and you won't lose any energy. Crank it a bit further and it will shift the colors just like before.
  • Wobbly crank? You can now long press on the A or B buttons to shift colors. Change your mind? Press the Down button on the D-Pad before you release the A or B button to cancel the move and not lose any energy.

UI Updates

  • The Streak counter will now animate back to 1 when you lose a streak.
  • Made some visual components more well aligned with each other.
  • The Crank is no longer required to play, so the game will not prompt you to use it.

Bug Fixes

  • Maybe fixed a rare and difficult to reproduce issue where a row or column is not auto-matched.


Shift-v1.1.0.pdx.zip 540 kB
Jun 25, 2022

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