Shift for Playdate v1.2.0

The primary goal of this update was UI polish that I either wasn't sure how to accomplish in the original release, or things that have occurred to me since the release.

Little things like stationary tiles getting bumped slightly when they stop tiles that are moving, tiles reacting to a color shift and an animated energy meter give the game a little more personality and feel really nice.

Several players reported that the game occasionally wouldn't see an auto-match. I had my suspicions about what was causing it, but found it wasn't going to be reliably fixable with the current architecture. So, I've rebuilt the entire system for how the game observes events. This has resulted in fixing the auto-match bug (fingers crossed), much, much snappier performance and resolved occasional frame rate drops. This was a very non-trivial undertaking and I'm extremely happy with how it worked out.

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Read on for a list of all of the updates.

UI Updates

  • Redesigned home screen card.
  • New launch animation.
  • Stationary tiles now bump over and back when they stop moving tiles.
  • The individual segments in the energy meter are now animated.
  • The background grid no longer spans the width of the screen.
  • Drop shadows on UI elements.
  • Tiles involved with a color shift now bounce slightly when the shift occurs.
  • Adjusted pause menu screen so the grid is a bit more lined up.
  • Arguably improved dancing Playdate graphic.
  • Tweaked the layout and UI of the game over screen.
  • Layout tweaks to the main menu screen.
  • The row/column selector now animates between positions rather than just blinking to its destination.
  • Reduced the animation loop speed of the row/column selector.
  • Sentence case for Score/Energy/Streak (i.e., SCORE is now Score)


  • Fixes an issue where it was possible to make moves while the game was in the process of clearing or repopulating tiles during auto-matches. (reported by RavenWorks)
  • Should fix an issue where it was possible for the game to not notice an auto-match when the board is repopulated. (Reported by a few of you.)

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