Generations v1.1.2

Fixes & Updates

  • Fixes an issue where the "Ten. Points." achievement couldn't be unlocked even if you did score only ten points.
  • The description of "Strategic Chain" was incorrect. It requires placing a stork to make an infant to a child to a teen to an adult chain, not placing an infant to make a child to teen to adult chain, which is the "Judicious Chain" achievement.
  • Renamed the "Five Dollar Check from Grandma" achievment for creating your first senior to "Pension Benefits" as the original text would overflow the UI when the date was appended.

Thanks to @fat_nose_games for bringing the first two to my attention, and @gohod for pointing out the third.

Thanks for playing! Please consider giving the game a rating if you've enjoyed it, and if you haven't please email me or leave a comment here to let me know how I can make it better!

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