Generations v1.2.0

Generations is now also available on Catalog, with online leader board support. This functionality is not available for games distributed outside of Catalog, but everything else that's new in 1.2.0 is available for you here.

Whats New

  • There are now four player profiles, each with their own saves, top five scores, achievements list and stats so everyone in the family can enjoy the game.
    • If you already had the game installed, your existing data will be in the “Player One” profile.
    • You can switch to a different player profile via the pause menu while on the main menu.
    • If there is a game in progress on one profile, switching to another profile will not affect it, so you can hand the game off without losing your progress.
    • You can change the display name for your profile on the stats screen - up to 12 characters.
  • New “Best Local Scores” list
    • Displayed in the pause view while not currently in a game. (Tips are still shown while playing a game)
    • This list is made up of the top ten local scores across all player profiles.
  • Adds a “Welcome” banner when switching profiles or starting up the game.
  • There is now a “How to Play” view.
    • It will be automatically presented the first time you play a game.
    • If can be bought up at any point while playing a game from the system menu.
  • The game is now set to run at 50fps for smoother transitions and animations.
  • Updates the descriptions for a few achievements.
  • Adds seven additional achievements for an even 50, though one is hidden.
  • Ambient sound effects.
    • Crickets in the backyard
    • Fireplace crackle in the fireplace room.
  • Updates the UI for the “X out of Y” achievement count in the backyard to be easier to see, and animates its presentation.
  • Updates to the launch animation and the transition from launch to the main menu.
  • Updates to portrait images, their frames and backgrounds to make them pop a bit more.
    • Removed the checkerboard pattern from infants in favor of a vertical pattern to reduce dither flashing
    • Gave the little boy another haircut
    • Thicker borders around faces.
    • Diagonal pattern on child portraits
    • Stork now has an inlaid border
  • Tweaks to the visual clarity of the background image.
    • Thicker borders around objects to increase clarity.
    • Re-drew the Playdate in the Game Over room
  • Visited the ART& Gallery Gift Shop and picked up some new prints for the Fireplace Room.
  • Various performance improvements based on things I’ve learned about Lua and the Playdate SDK over the past year.
  • Removes the “Sounds” toggle from the system menu to make room for the “Profile” setting. I figure if you don’t want sounds you can mute the device.
  • Adds a list view icon for Playdate OS 2.0

If you’re on iOS user, you might also be interested to know that you can now play Generations on your phone!

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Did the numbers tiles always not have borders?


Sorry, what are you seeing? I've just checked the itch and the catalog builds and they have borders.

(1 edit)

It's fixed itself after playing another playdate game and then resuming. It might have had something to do with the tutorial screen which it tried to show me twice. Going in and out of the main menu didn't fix it and neither did toggling between pictures and numbers. Anyway, it's fine now, I'll take a picture if it happens again.