Generations for iOS - coming soon!

Have you ever been sitting in a dark room and thought to yourself, "Gosh, I wish I could play Generations right now. If only I'd remembered to pay my electric bill!".

Or what if you forgot your Playdate at home? Or maybe you're in Group 4 or 5 and don't even have your Playdate yet!? If only there was some other way to play Generations!

On April 15th, your Generations-less woes will be over, assuming you also have an iPhone (or iPad!).

With the same addictive game play, familiar music, and fun sound effects, Generations for iOS will also feature all new graphics in stunning color, global leader boards and a host of achievements for you to unlock.

And the cat? Oh yes, he's here too.

The living room in Generations for iOS

The game over room in Generations for iOS

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If I was an iOS user, I'd be all over this.  Love it on the playdate and this looks like an amazing and faithful port!


Looking great!